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Posted on Jul 17, 2012

41 days. In just under 41 days, Quo Vadis Calgary will be taking place in the ravishing Rocky Mountain town of Canmore, Alberta (after the initial opening day in Calgary of course)! It’s hard to believe that the past several months of planning just flew by and we’ll finally be able to share our pride and joy with all you wonderful people!

My name is Julia Buczek and I am the Marketing & Promotion Director for the Quo Vadis Calgary 2012 conference. My position entails me to design all our promotional material – our brochures, posters, program booklets, t-shirts, you name it! Though I don’t particularly possess much experience or formal training that would pertain to this position, I still decided to take on this role to help my Albertan neighbours out, as well as taking upon this as a personal challenge, as design is more of a hobby, rather than a field that I am involved in.

The past several weeks have definitely been busier as usual as we gear up for the conference! Weekly Skype meetings are a must, especially since us execs are all over the place – Calgary, Edmonton, and then there’s me, the lone Vancouverite about 700km away! As we put the final touches on this much-anticipated event, order a few final things, and figure out some final figures, we try and garner many last-minute registrations as well (tell everyone you know!)! We found that this has been a bit of a challenge for us as well though – the conference will obviously be a blast, but there are always potential attendees that express their doubts about participating in this conference – not necessarily doubts about the conference itself, but more as to how it will benefit them. “Will it be worth the ~$200?” “Will it be worth booking a weekend off work?Or driving/flying all the way to Calgary and Canmore?” “What if it’s boring?” “What if I’ll feel out of place and won’t know anyone?”

I have attended every single Quo Vadis conference so far. In 2009, a family friend casually told me about a conference aimed at Polish youth (primarily university students and professionals) that would be going down in Ottawa on the weekend of Polish Constitution Day (May 3rd). I scoped the website out and was immediately drawn in – maybe it was the fact that I’d be able to interact with fellow young Poles (which is a bit difficult to do in Vancouver – the Polish community isn’t nearly as tight knit as it is in several parts of Ontario), or maybe it was the fact that this conference would potentially enrich and strengthen the knowledge and appreciation for my roots, while learning a few leadership skills in the process, as well as meeting several interesting people – either way, I decided to register, travel all the way to Canada’s capital, and attend this thing! Let me say one thing: being the spontaneous person that I (sometimes) am, I would have regretted NOT attending. Ottawa was fantastic, as were all the following conferences I ended up attending – Windsor, Toronto, and now Calgary/Canmore. Taking money out of my own pocket to travel to these places was worth more than every penny, especially as I left each city with a big smile on my face, several great friendships, great connections for networking with people from all across Canada, the US, and Europe, and a sense of joy and pride not only my Polish roots, but the fact these conferences have brought together hundreds of Polish students and young professionals to understand and interact with each other.

So I will say one thing: don’t hesitate to attend! Like I mentioned earlier, QV Calgary will be majorly taking place in the beautiful little Rocky Mountain town of Canmore, so pack your bags and come enjoy the scenic views and the crisp mountain air with us all!

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